Posted 14 марта 2023,, 14:55

Published 14 марта 2023,, 14:55

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Putin announced an acute shortage of personnel in the "defense industry"

Putin announced an acute shortage of personnel in the "defense industry"

14 марта 2023, 14:55
The shortage of qualified personnel at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC) hinders the fulfillment of the state defense order. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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The President made a statement about the personnel shortage in the defense industry at a meeting with workers of the aviation plant in Ulan-Ude. He admitted that the shortage of personnel hinders the development of the industry. However, this challenge must be fought.

"If nothing interferes, then you need to go to bed: everything is fine, you can grunt right away. And when something gets in the way, we need to overcome something, we need to work on ourselves, on solving these problems", - Kommersant quotes Putin as saying.

In order to attract personnel to the defense industry, the president proposed to raise workers' salaries, solve their housing problems, and also give them a reprieve from mobilization.

"Now many enterprises work almost in three shifts, and there are not enough specialists, especially highly qualified specialists", - he said.

Earlier it was reported that in 2023, the Ministry of Defense demanded to increase the state defense order by one and a half times compared to the data of 2022. Such an increase in production should provide the troops with the necessary weapons and equipment by 97%.