Posted 14 марта 2023,, 18:00

Published 14 марта 2023,, 18:00

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Putin: The US is "theoretically" interested in undermining the "Northern Streams"

Putin: The US is "theoretically" interested in undermining the "Northern Streams"

14 марта 2023, 18:00
The Russian President called "nonsense" reports that some "pro-Ukrainian groups" are behind the terrorist attack on gas pipelines.

The undermining of the Russian gas pipelines "Nord Streams" is a terrorist act committed at the state level, Head of State Vladimir Putin stressed.

"The fact that this is a terrorist attack is no secret to anyone, in my opinion, everyone has already recognized it", - he said in an interview on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

He added that "no amateurs can commit such an action".

"An explosion of this kind, of such power, at such a depth can only be carried out by specialists, and supported by the full power of the state, which has certain technologies. We should always look for those who are interested. And who is interested? Theoretically, the United States, of course, is interested in stopping the supply of Russian energy to the European market", - the president explained.

The explosion was so strong that the pipe was torn out and thrown some distance away. In world practice, there are no examples of repairing such systems after such incidents, Vladimir Putin recalled. At the same time, he did not rule out that "technologically, of course, everything is possible".

Earlier, Russia showed the UN correspondence on the explosions on the "Nord Streams" with Denmark, Sweden and Germany. This step was taken to promote the draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the creation of an independent international commission under the auspices of the organization to investigate the incident.

The explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines occurred at the end of September. Denmark, Sweden and Germany took up the investigation of the incident, but the Russian side, which was not allowed to investigate, insists on the early establishment of an independent commission to investigate the incident.