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Roskomnadzor removed 36 sites due to fraud with the "Pushkin card"

Roskomnadzor removed 36 sites due to fraud with the "Pushkin card"

14 марта 2023, 04:45
The Ministry of Culture reported on constant monitoring on the Web for the detection of fraudulent sites, groups and ads offering cash withdrawal services from "Pushkin Cards".

According to RIA Novosti, referring to Roskomnadzor, on the basis of court decisions, 36 Internet pages were blocked "on the topic of fraudulent actions with the Pushkin Card".

Total within the registers of prohibited information based on court decisions and requirements The Prosecutor General's Office has deleted and blocked over 25.2 thousand fraudulent resources.

As previously reported, Rosfinmonitoring employees exposed a criminal group that stole 100 million rubles from the treasury through fake lists of participants in the Pushkin Card project. Then it became known about the damage of more than 200 million rubles caused by three defendants who used fake cards and deceived employees of the Ministry of Culture and the bank with their help, the investigators clarified.

The attackers compiled fictitious lists of citizens who allegedly can claim to receive funds under the "Pushkin Card". The alleged recipients of the funds turned out to be "dead souls": they didn't really exist.