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Almost 400 people were evacuated due to a fire in the Yekaterinburg metro

15 марта 2023, 04:09
The ventilation chamber in the subway caught fire.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Sverdlovsk region, a ventilation chamber caught fire at one of the Yekaterinburg metro stations. As a result of the incident, 385 people had to be evacuated, 85 of them children.

"There was a short circuit of electrical cables on an area of one linear meter. The fire has been localized and eliminated", - the department clarified.

There are no casualties. 20 units of special equipment and 48 rescuers worked at the site.

It's worth reminding that the metro in the city was built in 1991, it has only one line and nine stations. This is the only metro in the Urals.

At the beginning of March in the Moscow metro from the station "Khovrino" to the "River station" had to stop the movement of trains. It turned out that at the station"! Belomorskaya" a faulty train was found. Before that, passengers were evacuated at the Sportivnaya station. There was smoke, some people needed medical help.