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Putin instructed the prosecutor's office to actively protect the rights of the participants of Special military operation

15 марта 2023, 12:04
Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Board of the Prosecutor General's Office instructed the supervisory authority to step up work to protect the rights of participants in a special military operation (SMO) and their families.

The President said that the staff of the Prosecutor's office should "deal with each specific problematic case separately, immediately respond to appeals and complaints, if such are received".

He ordered to react especially sharply to the level of providing the military with monetary and other types of allowances.

"In the same way, they should receive medical and social assistance promptly and in full, assistance in rehabilitation and employment, and the families of our fallen comrades should receive all the necessary support", - Interfax quoted the president as saying.

In turn, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov instructed his subordinates to restore order with regional payments to the participants of the SMO.

"It is necessary to restore order and to bring to the participants of ITS funds paid by the decision of the executive authorities of the regions", - RIA Novosti quotes Krasnov as saying.

Earlier, Krasnov said that a number of problems that the partial mobilization revealed became a lesson for many and forced them to reconsider approaches to the organization of military accounting and the formation of databases of military personnel.