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The apocalypse is canceled: scientists have explained the origin of the "black cloud" over Sydney

15 марта 2023, 12:58
Residents of the largest Australian city were excited by the appearance in the sky of a very strange black substance hanging low over the ocean.

A video of an extremely unusual celestial phenomenon in the south-east of Australia has been published in the Yahoo News Australia news agency. A certain dark substance hung in the air, which someone took for a UFO, and someone for air pollution. And most of the thousands of commentators compared this phenomenon with a dark figure gliding in the air and resembling a human soul, in other words – with a "dementor" from the fairy tales of Harry Potter.

The agency also provides an explanation of what caused the appearance of this strange weather phenomenon, which in science is called "scud" and is a kind of fractal clouds, which sometimes occurs at a low altitude, and it is always isolated from other clouds, and takes extremely strange, "ragged" outlines. Scientists claim that they can be seen under cumulonimbus or layered rain clouds, and they have the ability to move in descending streams during thunderstorms faster than the storm clouds themselves.

"Such clouds form when raindrops evaporate below the storm cells, and due to humidification of the air, a secondary cloud is formed. Since scuds do not belong to an organized updraft, they acquire a ragged appearance", - Australian meteorologists comment on this phenomenon.