Posted 16 марта 2023,, 05:03

Published 16 марта 2023,, 05:03

Modified 16 марта 2023,, 08:54

Updated 16 марта 2023,, 08:54

In Belgorod, the air defense system damaged buildings

In Belgorod, the air defense system damaged buildings

16 марта 2023, 05:03
The air defense systems went off on the night of March 16.

According to the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov, the facades of administrative and residential buildings of the city were damaged due to the activation of the air defense system in the regional center. Gladkov pointed out that "over the past four days and four nights, the activity on the part of the enemy is quite large". He clarified that we are talking about damage to 58 houses and 31 cars. Restoration work is underway now.

The day before it was reported that the village of Novostroevka-the Second and the town of Shchebekino were shelled from the Ukrainian side in the region. The day before, air defense systems shot down three missiles and a drone over the region.