Posted 17 марта 2023,, 04:26

Published 17 марта 2023,, 04:26

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Updated 17 марта 2023,, 06:03

Banks in the US borrowed a record $165 billion from the Fed in a week

Banks in the US borrowed a record $165 billion from the Fed in a week

17 марта 2023, 04:26
Financial organizations are concerned about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

According to Bloomberg, referring to the statistics of the Federal Reserve System, American banks in the period from March 8 to March 15 borrowed from it the maximum in history of $ 165 billion. About $152.8 billion was issued as a short-term loan for up to 90 days. The previous record was set during the financial crisis of 2008 - about $111 billion.

On March 10, Silicon Valley Bank - the 16th largest bank in the States - declared bankruptcy. This was the largest bankruptcy since the 2008 crisis and the second largest in the history of the United States after Washington Mutual Bank.

Due to systemic risks, Signature Bank also closed. American leader Joe Biden promised to hold the leadership of organizations accountable.

Against the background of the banking collapse in the United States, one of the largest Swiss banks - Credit Suisse - requested the National Bank about 50 billion Swiss francs - $ 53.7 billion. The bank wants to "get access to a covered credit line, as well as a short-term liquidity support mechanism" of the Central Bank.