Posted 17 марта 2023,, 04:44

Published 17 марта 2023,, 04:44

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Schoolchildren will no longer be tested according to the international TIMISS system

Schoolchildren will no longer be tested according to the international TIMISS system

17 марта 2023, 04:44
The Russian authorities will have to import another international study in the field of education.

According to Vedomosti, referring to the executive director of the association – organizer of the IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) Dirk Hastedt, Rossia, who participated in the international study of mathematical and natural science education TIMSS, will stop testing schoolchildren using this system. The reasons for the refusal of the Association were not named.

Recall that the study is conducted every four years. The last round took place in 2019. During the study, the knowledge of fourth and eighth grade students from different countries is evaluated and compared, as well as how they can apply their knowledge in practice. In 2019, about eight thousand Russian schoolchildren from 49 subjects participated in the study. Then and in 2015, the country was in the TOP 10 of the best according to the results of the study.

According to Galina Kovaleva, a member of the TIMSS international group of experts on natural sciences since 1995, Russia's very participation in this system helped to establish a domestic system for assessing the quality of education, which is used by Rosobrnadzor itself. Boris Ilyukhin, Director of the Research Center for Educational Quality Assessment and Management Systems of the RANEPA FIRO, stressed that the accumulated experience allows conducting almost all the necessary research independently. It will probably be possible to find an "import substitution option" TIMSS.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Dmitry Afanasyev assured the Council of Rectors of Creative Universities that if the Bologna system is abandoned, there are no plans to return to the Soviet education system. He explained that when developing a new model, the interests of the country in the international arena, the interests of students and applicants will be taken into account. When planning the transition and the new model, the needs of foreign students will also be considered. The competent implementation of the transition and the development of a new model should be discussed in professional circles.