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London promised Warsaw to replenish weapons after the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine

20 марта 2023, 04:42
The readiness of London was announced by the deputy head of the British Ministry of Defense, James Hippy.

As the official told the German Welt, Poland's request to fill in the "gaps that have arisen" in the United Kingdom is "very positive".

"We have already done this when Warsaw first handed over the main T-72 battle tanks to Ukraine, and we provided Poland with Challenger-2 tanks. The same applies to fighter jets", - the Hippie assured.

He pointed out that so far no such requests have been received from Warsaw. At the same time, we recall that Berlin did not issue Warsaw permission to transfer MiGs previously transferred to Poland by Germany. Moreover, the Polish side itself did not apply for this permission.

The German authorities were extremely surprised that the Poles arbitrarily decided to transfer combat aircraft to the Kiev regime. In Germany, they are ready to go on principle and not grant Kiev the right to use MiGs to conduct military operations against Russia.