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Published 20 марта 2023,, 06:41

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The Head of the People's Republic of China proposed a way out of the Ukrainian crisis

The Head of the People's Republic of China proposed a way out of the Ukrainian crisis

20 марта 2023, 06:41
Chinese leader Xi Jinping (pictured) on the eve of his visit to Russia spoke about his vision of a way out of the Ukrainian crisis.

About China's position on the situation on Xi Jinping wrote to Ukraine in an article in Rossiyskaya Gazeta published on March 20.

At the same time, it became known that Putin's article appeared synchronously in the Chinese newspaper People's Daily. The Russian text is published on the Kremlin's website.

According to the Chinese president, the purpose of the upcoming visit is to strengthen friendship, cooperation and peace. According to Xi Jinping, China and Russia stand for a world order based on the principles of international law and universal values.

"Multipolarity and democratization of international relations is an irreversible trend", - Fontanka newspaper quotes the Chinese leader as saying.

According to the head of the People's Republic of China, solving the crisis around Ukraine is one of the complex problems that do not have simple solutions.

According to the Chinese President, a rational way out of the crisis and a path to peace are possible only if everyone is open to dialogue in a pragmatic way.

Earlier, the People's Republic of China announced its plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, which, according to Xi Jinping, reflects as much as possible the unity of opinions of the world community on the way out of the current situation.

The visit of the Chinese president to the Russian Federation, scheduled for March 20-22, has the character of a state visit. This is the highest level of diplomatic relations. According to political analysts, the warrant of the International Criminal Court issued on March 17 for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be able to prevent the visit of the head of the People's Republic of China to Russia.

The Kremlin indicated that Russia is "grateful" for the balanced line of the PRC in connection with the events on Ukraine events, for understanding their background and true causes.

"We welcome China's readiness to play a constructive role in resolving the crisis. Like our Chinese friends, we stand for strict observance of the UN Charter and respect for the norms of international law, including humanitarian law. We are committed to the principle of indivisibility of security, which is grossly violated by the NATO bloc. We are deeply concerned about irresponsible and simply dangerous actions that could undermine global nuclear security. Illegitimate unilateral sanctions that should be lifted are not acceptable", - Putin said in an official statement on the Kremlin's website.