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Published 20 марта 2023,, 08:31

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Xi Jinping: "No country in the world is superior to the rest"

Xi Jinping: "No country in the world is superior to the rest"

20 марта 2023, 08:31
On the eve of the Chinese leader's visit to Moscow, the Russian media will publish his article on the relations between our countries and the international situation.

On the eve of his visit to our country, Chinese President Xi Jinping published an author's article in the Russian media under the heading "Persistently moving forward to new prospects for friendship, cooperation and joint development of China and Russia".

In it, he, in particular, recalls that this is his eighth visit to Russia, which China considers its strategic partner, also pursuing an independent and independent foreign policy, and therefore considers relations with it one of the main priorities in its diplomacy.

By creating a new paradigm of relations between major powers, Xi writes, our countries are continuously strengthening political mutual trust,

Adhering to the concept of eternal friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation.

According to him, the upcoming visit of the Chinese leader to Russia is aimed at strengthening friendship, cooperation and peace, at forming an architecture of comprehensive and multi-vector interaction. Xi notes that over 10 years, the trade turnover between the countries has increased by 116% and is now

 a record 190 billion US dollars, at the same time, the volume of mutual investments continues to grow, and important projects in space, aviation, energy and transport connectivity are being implemented. Interregional cooperation is also developing, which brings real benefits to ordinary people.

The Chinese leader did not forget the Covid pandemic, noting that China and Russia provided each other with both material and moral support in the fight against it, thereby confirming the saying – "friends are known in trouble."

XI Jinping could not help but touch on the foreign policy situation, saying that both great powers firmly defend the "UN-centric system and world order", promote genuine multipolarity and democratization of international relations, and develop universal values.

The Chinese leader recalled that relations between our countries have passed a "very difficult path" for 70 years, and therefore the friendship between China and Russia must be preserved and strengthened by all means, which is what his visit is aimed at.

In addition to strengthening mutual trust and maintaining stable dynamics of relations between our countries, Xi Jinping emphasized that "no country in the world surpasses all others Xi Jinping emphasized that "no country in the world surpasses all others. There is no universal model of public administration and there is no world order where the decisive word belongs to a separate country," meaning, without a doubt, the United States.

He considers the irreversible trend of the modern world "multipolarity, economic globalization and democratization of international relations".

Meanwhile, according to Xi Jinping, hegemony, despotism and harassment cause serious harm to the world. The international community is sounding a great alarm, more than ever they need ways out of the crisis.

The Chinese leader recalled that 10 years have passed since he spoke at MGIMO in March 2013 with the thesis that "humanity lives in one global village, becomes a close community of a single destiny," and during this time universal values such as peace, development, equality, justice, democracy and freedom, deeply rooted in the hearts of people, Peace and solidarity without shocks and division meet the common interests of all mankind," Xi writes, turning to the main issue of our time - the aggravation of the Ukrainian conflict. According to him, China takes an objective and impartial position, making active efforts to promote reconciliation and peace negotiations. In particular, "we are talking about the need to comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect the legitimate security concerns of all states, support all efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, and ensure the stability of global production and supply chains".

Mentioning the recently published "China's position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis", the Chinese leader said that he was convinced:

a rational way out of the Ukrainian crisis and a path to lasting peace and universal security in the world will be found if everyone is guided by the concept of common, comprehensive, joint and sustainable security, continue dialogue and consultations in an equal, prudent and pragmatic manner..."

In the meantime, China is settling its own affairs, according to Xi, reviving the Chinese nation with the help of "Chinese modernization, which is characterized by embracing a huge population, achieving universal prosperity, coordinated development of material and spiritual culture, harmonious coexistence of man and nature, following the path of peaceful development.

We will resolutely promote the cause of Chinese modernization, make efforts to implement high-quality development, and steadily expand external openness. I am convinced that this will provide new opportunities to all countries of the world, including Russia..."

In conclusion, Xi Jinping called China and Russia fellow travelers in the development and revival.