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In Chukotka, two people died after crashing a snowmobile into a bridge

21 марта 2023, 04:50
They tried to drive under the building in a heavy blizzard.

According to the Chukotka Ministry of Internal Affairs, the victims were a 25-year-old driver and a 31-year-old passenger. Together they tried to drive an Arctic Cat snowmobile under the bridge in bad weather. The driver of the snowmobile could not calculate the distance and collided with the superstructure.

The department added that the equipment was not registered. The driver did not have a license to drive a snowmobile. At the same time, a 25-year-old local resident had previously been brought to administrative responsibility: once for driving without a license on unregistered transport, and at the beginning of the year he was warned twice for violating traffic rules.

At the end of February, we recall, in the Krasnoglinsky district of the Samara region, two local residents tried to cross the frozen Volga on a snowmobile and fell through the ice.