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In Paris, more than 140 people were detained at rallies against pension reform

21 марта 2023, 04:37
Law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

At least 142 people were detained during protests against pension reform, which were held in the French capital. Clashes with security forces were also recorded in Strasbourg, Lyon and Rennes.

The most massive protests took place on Paris's Vauban Square, clashes began within a couple of hours. The protesters then split into two groups and went to other places in the city, causing riots. More than two thousand policemen tried to keep order on the streets of the capital.

Recall that protests in France resumed after the authorities avoided a vote of no confidence. 278 deputies of the National Assembly voted for the departure of the government, while the votes of 287 parliamentarians are needed.

Recall that mass strikes also took place in the French capital. In France, they are going to increase the retirement age to 64 years. In this regard, trade unions are holding large-scale strikes. The first one took place on January 19 and gathered over 1.12 million participants across the country. On January 31 alone, more than two hundred protests took place throughout the country.