Posted 22 марта 2023,, 08:55

Published 22 марта 2023,, 08:55

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A third resident of Chuvashia was diagnosed with symptoms of anthrax

A third resident of Chuvashia was diagnosed with symptoms of anthrax

22 марта 2023, 08:55
The Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic reported a third resident of the region with symptoms of anthrax.

"Symptoms of anthrax were detected in another, third, resident of Chuvashia", the Telegram channel reports "Before anyone else. Well, almost", referring to the Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic.

According to the local newspaper "Chuvashinform", information about the detection of symptoms of anthrax in the third resident of the republic was received last night.

"A spot of purplish-purple color appeared on the ear of a resident of Chuvashia, with a separable serous-hemorrhagic character. This is the third identified case with similar symptoms indicating infection with anthrax," the Regional Ministry of Health reported (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The interlocutor of the agency clarified that the symptoms of anthrax were found in one of those who contacted the first two cases. Earlier, the head of Chuvashia, Oleg Nikolaev, stated that there was no threat of infection spreading. He also said that more than 130 people who were in contact with the first two cases are under medical supervision.

Information about two cases of anthrax infection in the Chuvash Republic was received on March 15. The cause of infection, according to the Rospotrebnadzor of the region, was contact with animal raw materials when cutting up the carcass of a bull.