Posted 22 марта 2023,, 11:20

Published 22 марта 2023,, 11:20

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Aksyonov: drone attack did not cause serious damage in Dzhankoy

Aksyonov: drone attack did not cause serious damage in Dzhankoy

22 марта 2023, 11:20
The attack of Ukrainian drones on the facilities in Dzhankoy on March 20 did not cause serious damage on the ground. This was stated by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

He pointed out that two private houses and two buildings in the village of Bright were damaged. In Dzhankoy, a store and a warehouse of agricultural feed were damaged, one car was hit by shrapnel, in the village of Kalinovka, a dormitory, educational and administrative buildings of a road technical school were damaged when debris fell.

"According to preliminary estimates, the Ukrainian UAVs did not cause serious damage", - Interfax quoted Aksyonov as saying.

According to the head of the Crimea, when the wreckage fell, power line breaks were recorded, but these damages have already been eliminated.

Recall that the drone attack on Dzhankoy occurred on March 20. After the drone attack, an emergency mode was introduced in the city. Upon the fact of the drone attack, the ICR started an investigation.

The Ministry of Finance stated that Russia urgently needs simulators to train drone operators. For developers of such equipment, they want to allocate separate budget funding through a specially created fund.