Posted 22 марта 2023,, 18:03

Published 22 марта 2023,, 18:03

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Updated 22 марта 2023,, 19:13

Reuters: The World Bank, the European Union and Kiev estimated the restoration of Ukraine at $411 billion

22 марта 2023, 18:03
This is twice the GDP of the republic.

According to Reuters, the World Bank, the European Commission and the authorities in Kiev estimated the cost of restoring Ukraine at $411 billion. The report covers the period from February 24 last year.

In September 2022, it was said about $349 billion. Now the country needs investments for reconstruction in the amount of $14 billion. The damage to Ukraine's energy system has increased fivefold compared to the World Bank's estimates for June last year.

In November, the Ukrainian president demanded $1 trillion to restore the country. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that according to the European Union, the amount of damage caused to Ukraine after the start of the special operation is estimated at 600 billion euros.