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Sergey Katyrin: business does not see serious problems when interacting with the Ministry of Emergency Situations

22 марта 2023, 11:01
Russian entrepreneurs note the absence of serious problems when interacting with the ministry, describing it as one of the "most adequate" control and supervisory agencies in relation to small and medium-sized businesses.

This was announced by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin following the meeting of the Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Alexander Kurenkov with the business community on issues of supervision and licensing activities.

First of all, according to Katyrin, the business community, united by the CCI of the Russian Federation, positively assesses the work of the regional "hotlines" of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to advise on the necessary actions during inspections. Preventive measures are effective from the point of view of business, therefore it is advisable to use this tool more actively.

Katyrin noted the interaction of business and the Ministry in optimizing the regulatory framework, including in the framework of regulatory impact assessment. So, from 2020 to 2022, the CCI of the Russian Federation received 122 draft regulatory legal acts developed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. "The position of the Chamber has been sent on 16 projects and comments on 14 have been taken into account. The Ministry hears and takes into account the position of business in rulemaking," the President of the CCI of the Russian Federation stressed.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, conditions have now been created for business in Russia, "allowing a more flexible approach to the creation of a fire safety system." Over the past four years, the Ministry has developed 18 sets of rules and amendments to them, which establish requirements for evacuation routes, fire resistance of structures of buildings and structures, fire water supply, smoke protection systems and automatic fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing systems. The work carried out made it possible to significantly reduce the number of special technical conditions being developed that contain fire safety requirements.

In addition, since August 2022, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has been participating in an experiment to optimize and automate licensing processes. You can apply for public services remotely, electronically. At the same time, the package of documents provided by the applicant has been reduced. The service delivery period has been reduced three times – now it does not exceed 15 working days.

Katyrin informed the leadership of the Ministry about the possibilities of textile and light industry enterprises to use modern fire-resistant nonwovens in the production of combat clothing and footwear for firefighters, and also presented proposals from manufacturers of construction products on the need to optimize state regulation and quality assessment in the field of cable and other electrical products.

Following the discussion, an agreement was reached on the regularity of an open and direct dialogue. According to the parties, this will allow to resolve emerging issues promptly, taking into account the position of the business community and regulatory authorities.