Posted 22 марта 2023,, 11:19

Published 22 марта 2023,, 11:19

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Updated 22 марта 2023,, 12:24

Sergey Shoigu: modernization of Moscow's missile defense will be completed in 2023

22 марта 2023, 11:19
It is planned to hold 33 main organizational events.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the modernization of Moscow's missile defense system is planned to be completed this year. A division and an air defense brigade will be formed. It is also planned to organize a special-purpose missile brigade of air defense-missile defense, an anti-aircraft missile regiment with the S-350 complex and a military transport aviation regiment. 621 military infrastructure facilities will be built for the needs of the Aerospace Forces.

It was proposed to strengthen the capital's missile defense with missiles back in 2020. The following year it became known that elements of missile defense systems in Moscow are undergoing a deep modernization.