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Published 22 марта 2023,, 08:47

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You have to pay for a high standard of living! Why Macron is right to raise the retirement age

You have to pay for a high standard of living! Why Macron is right to raise the retirement age

22 марта 2023, 08:47
According to supporters of the adoption of pension reform in France, the president of this country, having done exactly the right thing, failed to explain his rightness to the French.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the French National Assembly (parliament) rejected a vote of no confidence in the government because of the pension reform. 278 deputies voted for its adoption, but the majority required to reject the reform and dismiss the government is 287 votes. Therefore, violent clashes between protesters and the police continued in Paris and other cities of the country.

Protesters against the adoption of pension reform are burning garbage, launching fireworks towards the police, provoking them to take tough actions. The police also used tear gas.

Riots have been going on in France for several weeks now, and the French opposition is actively taking advantage of this, trying to seize the initiative. Thus, the leader of the National Unification party faction in the French parliament, Marine Le Pen, said that the French government had created conditions for a "social explosion" among citizens and that the consequences of the pension reform could have been foreseen long ago.

She also said that only Emmanuel Macron had "the keys to the political crisis that he created," but he preferred to "slap" the citizens of France.

Meanwhile, Macron's supporters who voted for him in the elections explain why he is right, although, unfortunately, he failed to convey his truth to the French. Here is what French citizen Elena K. writes in her blog .:

"In Paris on the Mochilovo Republic Square.

Tear gas, clapping, police, everyone is yelling.

The topic is an increase in the retirement age by two years. Citizens disagree. They threaten an indefinite strike before the pile.

Without arguing at all with the right of the French to express their opinion, I still have questions.

Here we are rejoicing at the increase in life expectancy.

But for some reason, we rarely get stuck with the question: who will pay for it?

Here a man is born.

23 years - a variety of studies.

Who pays?

Then suppose from 23 to 62 - work. It's 39 years old.

Then a pension.

The average life expectancy in France is 83 years.

That is, another 21 years.

That is, a person works, in a good scenario, for forty years.

Does not work - 45.

Since I myself am close to retirement age, I am quite interested in all this.

If people won't work, then where can I get the money?

For education. Medicine. Scientific research, including in the field of medicine and increasing the quality and duration of life.

That is, if I don't work, then the state has two exits. Either to lower the quality of life totally for everyone, or to start a war to take it away from the neighbors.

I don't like both options.

I'd rather work.

It is clear that Macron has completely failed PR people. From the very beginning until now. And no one can explain to citizens the essence of what he does in politics and economics. And he himself is not Cicero at all.

But the holy confidence of citizens that money is taken from the bedside table is still incredibly depressing..."

It remains to add to these fair reflections that they have nothing to do with Russia, with its standard of living and mortality.