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Published 23 марта 2023,, 16:26

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Elina Zhgutova: "The new data collection platform will more intensively monitor the family"

Elina Zhgutova: "The new data collection platform will more intensively monitor the family"

23 марта 2023, 16:26
The human rights activist, the head of the Center for the Protection of Traditional Family Values "Ivan-Tea", a member of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Family, Motherhood and Childhood, as part of her speech at International Educational Readings, touched on the topic of outside interference in family affairs.

"The imposition of information dictatorship, information interference leads to juvenile aggression, juvenile escalation.

Previously, there was such a regulation of interdepartmental interaction: if something happens somewhere, one department should report to the juvenile police or guardianship authorities, and they should already take all sorts of measures to eradicate and prevent problems in the family: well, that is, we understand that behind this - a bruise is put on the hill, being late for school and so on…

By the way, I want to note that today the school is the first "trigger" to attract supervisory authorities to the family – officially they are called subjects of prevention.

It comes to the point that the school principal directly calls the juvenile police authorities, ignoring such a link as parents, and immediately begins to solve the issue by police methods.

In fact, our parents are eliminated from the chain of conflict resolution, at best, mediators are involved, who also work for the separation of the child and the parent.

That is, instead of considering the situation in a narrow circle – separately with parents, then with the child and parents, it is easier for principals and teachers to forward these questions to the police.So, the regulations of interdepartmental interaction were such a paper, vertebral instrument when there was no extended Internet.


Naturally, something was lost, and something did not go further for reasons of humanity, which still exists in the guardianship structures and police bodies. But now all these tools have been greatly improved, there is a helpline to which a child can complain about the violation of their rights.

And we know what it means to violate a teenager's right to privacy – he can't go to a club, for example, or smoke. We all understand all this perfectly.

A difficult teenager, today, is a dead end situation for parents, because if they restrict him, they violate his rights, and if they do not restrict him, they simply raise the child improperly. This is a dead end.So, there used to be just a helpline, and now a program is being developed that will combine all the social networks in which the child is registered and track his reaction, and the helpline will already be included there, by default, such a plate with a survey – it is proposed to speak out on a number of issues, including, "what's up with your parents?".


No family is complete without conflicts, parent-child relationships are not complete without rough edges.But now, it turns out, they do not leave an opportunity not to complain, constantly offering children such questions.

Moreover, it is proposed to do this officially, through the official system, these are not some people from the gateway.

So, all this is possible, it's the right thing to do. And, naturally, a naive child will do it.

And I want to note that this system, like the helpline, was developed in the USA, that is, on the shores of our enemy, or rather, not a potential enemy, but a real enemy for a long time, which is very clearly reflected in the recent presidential decree.

Child Helpline International - a helpline for children has been developed by us, it is being planted for a lot of money. Personal data is collected, sensitive data about the family.

So, the platform that should unite all social networks and allow children to get under their skin is called Acella, it was created in Silicon Valley and is a continuation of Child Helpline International. There are a lot of foundations that really care about the whole world, and they are supervised by Mi6 or the CIA, and it is clear who they work for.

An analogue of this Acella platform is now being tried to be introduced in our country. What does this mean? And the fact that there will be even more detailed and large-scale surveillance of the family. I will tell you about the consequences of this surveillance in a separate report sometime.Now at the regional level there is a subordinate gray scheme that allows almost any child to be taken away from the family and parents to be deprived of parental rights.

The Acella platform was developed on the initiative of the same people who talk about sustainable development.

Sustainable development is, in fact, stagnation, and stagnation in the aspect of the development of life is death.

These are all the same Swabian ideas – breathe less often, "have a conscience - get out of life yourself," all this is from there. That's the spirit in all these Acella, sustainable development and so on. And, as a matter of fact, we already have specific cases of children's deaths from all these systems.

And if we don't look closely at what is going on now, we will lose not 500 people – whom the Investigative Committee considers, and after all, how many it doesn't count - but we will also indirectly endanger almost all the children we still have, thank God, today".

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