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Published 23 марта 2023,, 07:21

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Propaganda in the American way: how hard Conservatives are fighting against limousine Liberals

Propaganda in the American way: how hard Conservatives are fighting against limousine Liberals

23 марта 2023, 07:21
Сабиржан Бадретдинов
The ideological war between American conservatives and liberals is actively going on, including in the language sphere, and the advantage here is clearly on the side of the former.

The political struggle in the United States resembles the Russian one in many ways, with the only difference that in America, unlike Russia, it remains in a purely legal democratic field. However, peaceful methods are similar even at the linguistic level, and the Republicans are far ahead of the Democrats in efficiency here, judging by the testimony of American journalist Sabirzhan Badretdinov:

"Conservatives in the United States are very successful in using apt phrases, aphorisms, euphemisms, deceptive metaphors and propaganda cliches in the fight against liberals. Liberals, unfortunately, lag behind Conservatives in this regard.

For example, conservatives call liberals nothing but leftists and socialists, although liberalism and socialism are completely different concepts. This is done in order to defile the very concept of liberalism, tying it to such phenomena as Stalinism, the USSR, the Gulag, North Korea, etc.

Liberal values are sometimes referred to by conservatives as San Francisco values. By this they hint at many social problems in the city (for example, a large number of homeless people) and the fact that San Francisco is one of the LGBT centers in the country. That is, conservatives seek to impress upon the layman that liberal values lead to poverty, homelessness and the "omnipotence" of LGBT people.

During the struggle against marriage equality, conservatives used the phrase defense of marriage, although in fact they were fighting one of the types of marriages. Such hypocrisy is very typical of conservatives.

The conservatives dubbed the inheritance tax (estate tax or inheritance tax) with the phrase death tax in order to create a picture of soulless state officials taking money from a grieving family in the brain of the layman. Although the taxes collected by the state benefit, first of all, the same man in the street.

To create distrust of the liberal media, the conservatives invented the phrase liberal media elite, which creates a false impression that all media are controlled by liberals and that poor conservatives are not given a word.

The use of adjectives is interesting. In relation to convinced conservatives, the phrase staunch conservative is used, but in relation to convinced liberals, the phrase knee-jerk liberal is used, hinting that the liberal worldview is supposedly a set of thoughtless, instinctive reactions to the outside world. (The word knee-jerk means an automatic reaction of a person to a blow with a medical hammer on the knee joint).

There is a phrase limousine liberals (limousine liberals), invented by conservatives in order to present liberals as a few rich elite detached from the people, who do not understand the needs of okhlos. Although in general, American conservatives are richer than liberals and even less understand the needs of the people. As they say, whose cow would moo...

The conservatives called the silly myth about the creation of the world of God a beautiful word creationism (creationism), as if this is some kind of scientific direction that deserves deep study. Years later, when it became clear to people that this was bullshit, this term was replaced with the phrase intelligent design and even came up with a new theory pretending to be scientific.

In a similar way, conservatives updated the phrase political correctness, instead of which they now use the word woke (although it was originally used in progressive circles of the African-American community and meant increased sensitivity to injustice, oppression, racism, etc.) But conservatives, of course, use the word woke as a mockery of liberals.

The conservative media more often call the rich moneybags the phrase hardworking taxpayers (hardworking taxpayers).

They call the fetus in the mother's body an "unborn baby" to create the impression that abortion is the murder of a human being.

When conservative judges make radical decisions, it seems to be normal and natural, and when liberal judges do it, they are labeled "activist judges" (activist judges), hinting that they allegedly act contrary to the constitution and contrary to the fundamental principles of law enforcement.

In short, the ideological struggle between conservatives and liberals is also taking place in the language sphere, where, unfortunately, the advantage is clearly on the side of the former..."