Posted 23 марта 2023,, 08:58

Published 23 марта 2023,, 08:58

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Russia has become the main investor in Iran over the past year

Russia has become the main investor in Iran over the past year

23 марта 2023, 08:58
The largest investor of Iran in the last financial year, which ended this week, was Russia.

This was stated by the Minister of Economy and Finance of Iran Ehsan Khanduzi.

He said that Russia invested $2.76 billion in the country's economy for the year out of total revenues of $4.18 billion.

As Kommersant notes, Russia is implementing three investment projects in Iran worth $2.76 billion. This is a record figure among all market participants. Afghanistan is in second place, implementing 59 projects worth $256 million in the republic, and Iraq is in third place, leading 14 projects worth $223 million. In addition, $220 million was received from Iranian expatriates for 24 projects, another $177 million for 16 projects was invested by the UAE.

The Iranian authorities reported that priority industries of interest to the Russian Federation in Iran, is industry, mining and transportation. Bilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation in Iran is called strategic. China is also named among the important partners in Iran.

Communications of the Russian Federation and Iran has especially strengthened after the introduction of Western sanctions against Russia against the background of a military operation on the territory of Ukraine.