Posted 23 марта 2023,, 08:46

Published 23 марта 2023,, 08:46

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Updated 23 марта 2023,, 10:18

The coach of the national team of Ukraine called for a boycott of teams for matches with Russia

The coach of the national team of Ukraine called for a boycott of teams for matches with Russia

23 марта 2023, 08:46
At a press conference, the coach of the Ukrainian national football team Ruslan Rotan urged "not even to mention" those teams that will agree to play friendly matches with the Russian national team.

According to the Ukrainian coach, those states that have fielded their national teams against the Russian team allegedly support military operations on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, they do not deserve any mention of themselves.

"The most correct thing we can do is not to pay attention to her (Russia) and those who play with her. They don't deserve to be talked about," RBC quotes Rotan as saying.

According to the coach, it is necessary to communicate only with those countries "that respect international norms, first of all people".

"We need to talk about this and reject those with whom Russia is playing there, not even mention them", - Ruslan Rotan said.

Recall that after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, Russia was accused of violating the Olympic Truce and suspended from The Paralympics. Then, on the advice of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), many sports federations also refused to admit Russians to international prestigious competitions.

The Russian national team was suspended from tournaments under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA, Russian football players will not be able to participate in the Euro 2024 qualification.

At the end of March, the Russians will hold games with football players from Iran and Iraq. The games will be held on March 23 in Tehran and on March 26 in St. Petersburg.