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Published 24 марта 2023,, 05:11

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15% of companies are not ready to hire graduates of online courses

15% of companies are not ready to hire graduates of online courses

24 марта 2023, 05:11
43% of heads of organizations explained this by the lack of practice in such classes.

15% of the heads of Russian companies are not ready to hire applicants who have completed online courses, writes Forbes, referring to the results of a study by the SkillFactory IT school and the <url> service. 43% of the surveyed managers believe that there is no practice in online courses, and students have experience solving real business problems. In addition, the reasons are inflated salary expectations (26%) and job expectations (25%), unwillingness to full-time work (21%), poor knowledge of graduates and unwillingness of employers to teach them from scratch (18%), as well as personal distrust of online courses (8%).

20% of respondents indicated that they can accept graduates of online courses to their company, but only as interns. 57% are potentially ready to accept such graduates into the team. To date, 56% of CEOs have already hired employees after they completed online courses.

45% of employers from juniors who come for an interview do not have the necessary experience with real projects, 28% have no independence, 25% have not interned, 24% cannot take criticism, 21% do not understand the principles of the industry, 19% do not have the necessary theoretical knowledge.

23% of firms provide internship programs for students, and 43% employ the best interns. 65% of managers said that they are ready to outsource work tasks, cases or projects to students.

By the way, traffic on online IT courses increased by 80% in January – August 2022. Meanwhile, employers have stopped offering IT specialists high salaries, as it was before. The reason for the correction was the influx of junes from the spring of 2022. The ratio of resumes per IT vacancy reached almost 4, and at the beginning of last year it was 1.8, which resulted in a decrease in the median of the salary offered. Employers are responding to "some dumping on the part of candidates in terms of the quality of skills and expected salaries".