Posted 24 марта 2023,, 14:15

Published 24 марта 2023,, 14:15

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It's not easy to travel in London: A rating of the cost of public transport has been published

It's not easy to travel in London: A rating of the cost of public transport has been published

24 марта 2023, 14:15
Of the 45 world megacities, the capital of England is recognized as the undisputed leader in the cost of public transport.

The results of a comparative study of public transport fares and wages in 45 major cities around the world (all in US dollars) have appeared on the Web. Experts took the price of one-time and monthly tickets in urban public transport in these cities. They also took into account the fact that for residents of three of them - Luxembourg, Tallinn (Estonia) and Valletta (Malta) - public transport is free.

In the rest, the picture is as follows: the most expensive one-time trip in London ($ 5.19), Zurich ($4.75) and Oslo ($3.91). The most expensive monthly tickets are in London ($271), Dublin ($166) and New York ($127).

In Moscow, a one-month pass costs $ 35 (2,540 rubles).

But comparing these figures with wages, we will see that the most expensive trip by public transport will cost residents of the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo - 14.3% of what they earned in a month, followed by Istanbul (7.5%) and the same poor London (7.4%). Moscow has the 18th position in the list: at the cost of a monthly travel card of 2,540 rubles, a Muscovite spends 2.9% of his salary on it, deducting taxes. In New York, it is even less, only 2.1%, and in Berlin it is 1% at all!

The picture in Russian cities is as follows: the most expensive trips are in St. Petersburg, where a monthly pass costs 3,665 rubles, followed by Kazan and Novosibirsk (3,100 rubles and 2,650 rubles, respectively). The cheapest thing in Chelyabinsk is 1,100 rubles.

The full list of cities and carriers participating in the rating is available on the website of the authors of the study , by link.