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Dmitry Medvedev said that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can reach Lvov

24 марта 2023, 05:27
The deputy chairman of the Security Council warned that, speaking of a special operation, nothing needs to be excluded.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev told reporters, speaking about the Russian special operation, the Russian army, if necessary, will go to Kiev or Lvov to "exterminate this infection".

"Nothing can be ruled out here. If it is necessary to reach Kiev, then it is necessary to go to Kiev, if to Lvov, then it is necessary to go to Lvov in order to exterminate this infection", - Medvedev stressed.

When asked whether it is correct to consider the American army the first, and the Russian army the second, Medvedev replied that the army that is fighting can be called strong. However, if the armies of the Russian Federation and the United States start the war, "it is obvious that there will be no winner". No matter how many missiles are shot down over the United States or over Russia, some of them will cause guaranteed defeat.

The deputy chairman of the Security Council also spoke about London's promised supplies of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine. He pointed out that the consequences of such a step would be very severe. He recalled Yugoslavia, where such weapons were used:

"The delayed consequences can be very severe, because the Serbs themselves, the former Yugoslavs, talk about a significant increase in cancer".

Medvedev is sure that the Western world does not hate individual Russian leaders, but all Russians as a whole.

"I'm just surprised how cynical people need to be. Here they say: "We are punishing the Russian leadership. The president, everyone else – under sanctions". I see, for God's sake. But in fact, who do they want to punish with these sanctions? Citizens of our country", - Medvedev said.

The day before, Medvedev commented on the statement by the head of the German Ministry of Justice, Marco Bushman, that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be arrested if he arrived in Germany. He said that such an action would actually be a declaration of war on Moscow. Medvedev called Bushman a "jerk" and promised that if his words come true, all the funds of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "will fly to the Bundestag, to the chancellor's office, and so on".