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In Kamchatka, a firefighter swam 40 meters in icy water, saving a child

24 марта 2023, 04:42
A ten-year-old girl was on a broken ice floe.

In Kamchatka Vilyuchinsk, firefighter Nikolai Sharov swam 40 meters in icy water to rescue a girl from a broken ice floe. Children were playing on an ice floe near the shore in Krashennikov Bay. Local residents saw one of the ice floes break off and called rescuers. One of them, Sharov, girded himself with a rope and swam after the girl. When he reached the ice floe, he was able to tow it to the pier.

"The depth at that place is quite significant, and the water temperature is extremely low", - the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kamchatka indicated.

Earlier it was reported that firefighters rescued an eight-year-old boy from an ice floe in Nefteyugansk. The child was diagnosed with hypothermia.