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Thailand has increased the supply of products to Russia four times

24 марта 2023, 05:37
The increase in rice exports was 315% in 2022.

According to RIA Novosti, referring to the head of the Russian-Thai business Council Valery Barchenko, according to the results of last year, it was agricultural products that showed the greatest increase in exports, in particular, we are talking about rice - $ 15 million.

The Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that this season there is no reason for rice to rise in price. However, suppliers were alarmed, pointing to an expected 30% increase in the price of this product due to crop failure in 2022. According to Rusprodsoyuz statistics, in mid-March, first-grade rice groats in wholesale cost an average of 64,130 rubles per ton against 51,600 in 2022 and 63,700 rubles in February 2023.

Suppliers feared that the rise in price would lead to a drop in demand for domestic rice.