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The authorities of Sevastopol warned residents about the training of the air defense system

24 марта 2023, 09:29
Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev assured that "everything is calm" in the city.

"Now the air defense forces are conducting training in the area of the Northern Pier. Everything is calm in the city", - Razvozhaev wrote on his TG-channel.

On March 21, the governor announced the successful repulse by the Black Sea Fleet of drone attacks, including surface-type ones. There were no casualties and damage to warships, but windows were broken in several buildings. In connection with the attempt of the UAV to enter the territory of the bay, the movement of sea transport was suspended.

The next day, announcements of evacuation from the peninsula were made on the radio in Crimea. The authorities of the region announced the hacking of the streams of several radio stations and the dissemination of false information by hackers.