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Published 24 марта 2023,, 09:52

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The heads of the polyclinic decided to fire a gynecologist in the Krasnodar Territory for a video about the state the building has

The heads of the polyclinic decided to fire a gynecologist in the Krasnodar Territory for a video about the state the building has

24 марта 2023, 09:52
In the village of Novotitarovskaya in the Dinsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, the leadership of the district women's clinic decided to dismiss obstetrician-gynecologist Yelena Volik after she posted a video on social networks about the deplorable technical condition of her polyclinic.

Dr. Yelena Volik was outraged by the fact that for five years the necessary work has not been carried out in the women's clinic, which requires serious repairs. The roof is leaking in the building, mold is crawling along the walls, there are holes in the floor.

However, instead of major repairs in the building during all this time, the steps were patched up only once.

After the doctor filmed the view of her polyclinic and posted the footage on the Internet, she was called "on the carpet" to the management and accused of "discrediting" local medicine, writes the newspaper "Podyom".

Elena Volik replied that she was ready to go to the world and delete the video if it annoyed the authorities so much, but medical officials told her that "it's too late".

The head of the polyclinic told the doctor that after she made the condition of the polyclinic public, she needed to quit her job "of her own volition." Otherwise, they promised to initiate an internal audit against her in order to "find something to fire her for".

The heads of the polyclinic said that the start of construction of a new building is scheduled for 2025.

When the construction will be completed — it is not yet reported.

However, the doctor objected that until the start of construction it is necessary to wait for two whole years, and patients are in unsanitary conditions already now, many are afraid to enter such a building for medical help.

On the eve it became known that, speaking to State Duma deputies with an annual report on the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that taking care of demography, the welfare of Russians, their quality medical and social services is among the six priorities of the Government of the Russian Federation for 2023. Obviously, the concern for reproductive health in the network of women's consultations in Russia is directly related to the priorities announced by the head of the Government of the Russian Federation.