Posted 24 марта 2023,, 04:12

Published 24 марта 2023,, 04:12

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The son of the Krasnoyarsk governor Artem Uss escaped from house arrest in Italy

The son of the Krasnoyarsk governor Artem Uss escaped from house arrest in Italy

24 марта 2023, 04:12
If extradited to the United States, he faces a prison sentence of 30 years.

Detained in Italy, the son of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Artem Uss, arbitrarily removed an electronic bracelet and escaped from house arrest, writes a Repubblica. The measure was applied to him last fall.

On March 21, a court in Milan allowed the extradition of a detainee at the request of the US Department of Justice to the United States. In the States, he is charged with money laundering and circumvention of sanctions, accusing him and other defendants in this case of organizing a scheme "for the purpose of illegally obtaining American military technologies and sanctioned Venezuelan oil".

The Russian side also requested the extradition of Artem Uss. He was arrested in absentia by a court in Russia on suspicion of money laundering, it was necessary for the legal registration of extradition.

The appeal of the decision of the Court of Appeal may take up to six months.

In the USA, Uss faces 30 years in prison.

Governor Alexander Uss said that his son was the victim of a political game. He assured that "the decision that was made was at least a surprise for everyone, and for Artyom a real shock, which eventually led to the fact that he lost all faith in justice and real justice". He indicated that he was unaware of his son's whereabouts.

In November last year, it became known that Artem Uss was released from an Italian prison under house arrest at the request of lawyers. In the region, which is headed by the father of the arrested entrepreneur Artem Uss, he had a large forest business.