Posted 27 марта 2023,, 06:31

Published 27 марта 2023,, 06:31

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Deputies sent to the SMO zone are allowed not to file income declarations

Deputies sent to the SMO zone are allowed not to file income declarations

27 марта 2023, 06:31
Parliamentarians can submit declarations at their own request.

According to Vedomosti, State Duma deputies who have been on business trips in the area of the SMO have the right not to submit income declarations this year. One of the parliamentarians, who is on such a business trip, told reporters about this, and was confirmed by deputy Viktor Vodolatsky, who has been leading the United Russia humanitarian mission in the LPR since the beginning of the special operation.

"Considering that I am constantly there, and for the declaration it is necessary to collect certificates, then I physically cannot do it", - Vodolatsky said.

According to the interlocutor of the publication on Okhotnaya Ryad, the declaration campaign is still underway, so it's too early to say who has reported and who has not. Those who were sent to the special operation zone have the opportunity not to file a declaration. Another interlocutor clarifies that there was no special order from the heads of the State Duma or its apparatus in this regard.

According to the "ER", Dmitry Sablin, Dmitry Khubezov, Sergey Sokol, Oleg Golikov, Oleg Kolesnikov, Evgeny Pervyshov, Alexander Borodai, Vitaly Milonov and Badma Bashankaev "participated in the special operation" – they were sent to the SMO zone. The status and legal consequences of the parliamentarians' business trip to these territories were not deciphered.

The day before it was reported that the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region adopted a law on simplifying declarations for parliamentarians. Now, after the changes introduced at the federal level, the procedure for deputies to submit information on income and expenses, property and property obligations has been simplified in the region.