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Published 27 марта 12:25

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Residents of Moscow noticed a huge ring of black smoke in the sky (VIDEO)

27 марта 2023, 12:25
It was formed after the cotton in Strogino, Izvestia reports.
Moscow region

A huge ring of smoke in the north-west of the capital was noticed by residents of the residential complex "Sputnik". They shared what they saw on social networks.

The footage posted online shows a ring of smoke rising over the road and residential buildings. According to local residents, a bang was heard before the appearance of the ring.

The publication notes that you can see such a phenomenon quite often. Such rings are formed as a result of a sharp emission of smoke from the pipe. "Without dissipating in the atmosphere, it takes the form of a ring or loop and drifts across the sky", - the source of the publication notes.