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Published 27 марта 2023,, 08:44

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"Soon movies will be shot for you personally..." What awaits us with the development of the neural network

"Soon movies will be shot for you personally..." What awaits us with the development of the neural network

27 марта 2023, 08:44
More and more forecasts are appearing on social networks about how artificial intelligence will affect the near future.

Novye Izvestia has more than once recently devoted its materials to the extremely relevant topic of neural networks and their increasing influence on our lives. Recall that the first diploma written by a neural network has already been defended in Russia, and novels of its authorship appear in bookstores. Journalist Sergey Korol decided to find out what new events should be expected with the development of neural networks like Chat GPT. Here's what he got:

  1. A significant part of the Internet will turn into a "wasteland" — a place where all content is created by neural networks based on existing content: neural networks will "rewrite" websites, articles, pictures, and even videos and books.
  2. Search engines from the tools of direct search on the web ("Here's a list of sites for you on request, and then you yourself") will turn into a service for answering questions ("You directly ask what you need, and I will study all these sites and articles myself, creating a selection of important things for you").
  3. Complex interfaces will die out. Instead of applying filters and reviewing the issuance of air tickets, you can simply write: "The cheapest ticket to San Francisco, we fly from March 15 to March 20, back in about 2 weeks, and not longer than one transfer. And departure in the morning. We fly strictly by Arab airlines. And also so that you can upgrade to a business for a maximum of $ 600." And so — in general, everything and everywhere. Personally, I'm waiting for an emoji-based interface.
  4. Science fiction scared us with stories about robots that would harm people (and science fiction writers even described it in the laws of robotics). But no one has scared us that machines can lie to us, and neither we nor the machines know about it. I think this will be an important area of work — how to make the neurons speak only the truth, while not losing the power of their work.
  5. In the near future, the use of neural networks will not just be a possible part of the work, it will become simply mandatory (like "confident PC ownership"). I will live to see the time when neurons will go to meetings with people (and other neurons), getting notes of conversations for their owners. The neuron will become a digital squire.
  6. "Generated by a neural network" is a new "May account who hack". Well, we can see it already today, you don't even need to go far in the future.
  7. The demand for analog photos and videos will grow — as something that is very difficult to generate and fake. The Constitution of the beautiful Russia of the future will be photographed on a Polaroid, and a picture will be stored in each city hall.
  8. Everything will be private in general and nothing will be not private at all. In the smartphone of the future, images of people who did not give their consent to this will automatically appear in photos. And your own picture of the Eiffel Tower will be complemented with details from millions of other pictures of millions of other people — so that you can enjoy hayrez. Samsung smartphones are already photoshopping the Moon into pictures of the night sky. And in the future, all photography will be computational. In 10 years, it will not be easy for people to find out what they really look like in pictures — except to look in a cruel ordinary mirror.
  9. Very soon your content will be completely personalized. There is no need to divide films into "good" and "bad" anymore. There will just be movies that you like, because the neurons created them just for you. Gay drama with Oleg Basilashvili and Tom Hardy? Easy. And even more likely movies, music, books and something new, unknown today, created by artificial personalities. There will be a whole industry of such digital friends and companions.
  10. The importance of communities and charisma will grow. In a world where they will learn to fake even the body, it is important to be difficult to predict and wild. People will appreciate people more.
  11. Generally speaking, in a world where the uniqueness of content is an oxymoron, it will become less and less important to get who you are by nationality, profession, interests. It's not what you can do that matters. What matters is what kind of requests you ask, what is your pure, sincere interest in the world. This is all that will remain after me. That's all I'll take with me. In cyberpunk (by the way, it's coming soon).
  12. Finally, I will quote: "If a person from the near future is moved half a century ago, he will die simply because there is no Wi-Fi." But if the author was joking, then I think that everything will be exactly the same. And you and I will live in this world for a while..."

The state will sooner or later close free access to the neural network

It is clear that, like any forecast, this one is unlikely to be fulfilled exactly, and therefore its readers willingly supplemented it with their assumptions.:


- It will be exactly the same about search engines, but at the same time new SEO technologies will appear - ways to deceive AI so that it gives out information that is beneficial to the customer of deception. Perhaps this will happen by pitting one AI against another with the generation of some tons of fake content.- I think that the genre of everything drawn and created by neural networks will remain a separate genre.

Real photos, films made by people, music written by people, paintings drawn by people, etc., will be valued no less, and maybe more.- The most interesting thing for me is the education of AI.

The next stage is that it will be possible to develop AI further through the interface of communication with it. And how it can grow. And then different AI communicate with each other, invent their own languages and new meanings inaccessible to people. Well, I would like to believe not in total privacy, but in total lack of privacy. As soon as privacy disappears from the elites (microdrones, broken encryption), then immediately the harm from the lack of privacy for the common man will be less. And it would be interesting to learn how to live without privacy. Example: the nuances have ceased to be so shameful after all the celebrity faces and hacks of aycloud.- I would also add here the distance that AI will create between us (migrants to the AI world) and our children (native users born in the AI world).

What it's like to be a person who has not seen the world without AI.

It is also characteristic that many doubt that the neural network will be easily accessible for widespread use in the future, most likely the state will try to lay its paw on it:

- And it seems to me that AI will soon be very seriously limited, they will be hung with all sorts of prohibitions on use, they will allow you to use only your passport (almost kidding), as a result, the AI darknet will open and everything will go as usual - some run away, others catch up.- Ideally, after all, like now they are shutting their mouths and setting standards by which to think, like "tolerant" and God forbid you think not like a crowd, and then, in all likelihood, all verbal and visual information will be filtered by AI, and come to the masses in the "right" form.

And others saw such a prospect in the rapid development of the neural network:


- And it seems to me that there will be more and more people going to the taiga and believing in Zeus, eating sprouts and gathering in communities.