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FSB is going to get access to the information about the geolocation of taxi passengers

28 марта 2023, 07:09
The service also intends to get access to data on passenger payments.

A document has been posted on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts stating that the FSB has developed a draft government decree allowing the special service to obtain access to information systems and databases of taxi aggregators out of court. We are talking about electronic monitoring of geolocation and data on means of payment.

"The passenger taxi ordering service, which is the organizer of the dissemination of information on the Internet, provides the FSB unit ... with round-the-clock remote access to information systems and databases used to receive, store, process and transfer passenger taxi orders", - the document says.

If the taxi ordering service is unable to fulfill the request of the FSB, it will be obliged to inform about the deadlines that are needed to fulfill the request, "with justification for the impossibility of fulfilling the request within the prescribed period." If there is an "urgent" mark in the request of the special service, the aggregator will be obliged to provide information within three working days, without a mark, an answer can be given within ten working days. There is no judicial or procedural procedure for this.

It's worth reminding that the cost of taxi rides in Russian cities has risen since September last year by at least 30% due to the shortage of cars, the rise in price of gasoline and spare parts.