Posted 29 марта 2023,, 13:32

Published 29 марта 2023,, 13:32

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China copied America: How Xi is exploiting the split between the US and Russia

China copied America: How Xi is exploiting the split between the US and Russia

29 марта 2023, 13:32
Taking advantage of the sharp cooling between the two countries, the Chinese leader has put the Western world in a very difficult position.

The world continues to discuss the results of Chinese Leader Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. A curious comment on this event was given by the columnist of the influential American edition of the Washington Post, David Ignatius. He believes that if Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow promotes an alliance between Russia and China, then America will face a "gloomy prospect".

Everything went wrong as planned in the White House

At the same time, the author notes a very interesting detail: the current China uses a foreign policy strategy borrowed from the United States 50 years ago.

As you know, in the early 1970s, the United States was able to achieve a warming in relations with China in order to then fully focus on confrontation with the Soviet Union. Now, China is also successfully playing on the contradiction between the two major powers - the United States and Russia.

And perhaps this is the main reason for Xi's fraternal visit: he strengthens the flank against America and the West.

"Xi's emerging position as the leader of the Eurasian bloc poses serious questions to American strategists. For a generation, the separation of China from Russia has been a central goal of U.S. foreign policy. The historic visit of President Richard Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger to China in 1972 was made in order to drive this wedge. The Biden administration initially hoped that it would be able to apply the same strategy - in this case, by establishing relations with Moscow, not with Beijing. An attempt to achieve a warming in relations with Moscow in order to focus on the Chinese challenge was made at the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva in June 2021. Everything went, to put it mildly, not quite as planned in the White House.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping is just succeeding in a similar maneuver. It is Xi who is taking advantage of the brutal split between the United States and Russia, helping Putin, but also keeping some distance from him. Xi similarly used China's close relations with Iran to achieve normalization of relations between Tehran and Riyadh - the United States could never have done that..."

"The idea that a huge part of the world is dominated by China, which is so resolutely opposed to freedom and democracy, is frightening. If this alliance succeeds, we will live in a darker world." - the observer is sure, and adds: "Strategists from the Pentagon have always divided the world into East and West, and the US regional armed forces were under European or Indo-Pacific commands. But looking at the meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, one may wonder whether we will need a single "Eurasian command" to cope with the new united threat?"

China has always been a master of the long game

Meanwhile, readers of the publication remind that the United States itself pushed Moscow to Beijing when it decided to expand NATO.


- Have you ever wondered why Russia teamed up with China? Well, the same foreign policy clique from Washington, which led us from one catastrophe to another, can be rightly blamed for this. Moscow warned back in 2008: do not expand the NATO military alliance to the borders of Russia. But did we listen to her? No. We have accepted the Baltic states into NATO. Then they tried to attract Georgia and Ukraine to the alliance. The result was predictable. Russia reacted violently. It hit both Georgia and Ukraine, and then began actively building an alliance with China. Remember, all this was done by the same clique that staged the invasion of Iraq based on lies and deception. And now it's time to start asking frank and serious questions. It's time for us to start holding accountable those who are leading us to one crisis after another."If this alliance succeeds, we will live in a darker world".

In a sense, we already live in it.

When 40% of Americans support Trump, Desantis and listen to Tucker, who in some way contribute to this alliance (they are friendly to Russia, but they are pointlessly harsh towards China, pushing Xi into Putin's arms), our cards turn out to be broken.- China is a master of the long game.

The Chinese work in a longer time frame than others. They got what they wanted from Russia: oil. And they didn't give her that much. At the same time, they do not want to lose all trade with us at all. They just sit and take a bite of the pie when it's safe for them.- America has enriched China through its companies, which have been chasing profits in this country.

Of course, we knew what China was, but we thought we could change it as soon as the Chinese saw how wonderful capitalism was. How wrong we were! And yet we continue to enrich them at our own risk. When Nixon visited China in 1972, the bicycle was still the main mode of transport there. It was stupid to continue this relationship based on commerce, but now it's too late. They used our money to build a huge military machine, which we literally handed over to them in exchange for their cheap goods. Even if we changed everything overnight, it's too late. And since the Chinese are behaving more and more brazenly, we all have to worry about what will happen next!

- It is unlikely that China can now demand the status of a hegemon.

But it will continue to push forward stubbornly, strengthening and strengthening its position in the world, its international influence and presence, industrial power and export potential. China wants to play a key role and demands for itself the main place in the world game. He is regaining his greatness. And Russia is part of this mosaic. Especially considering the long border of the two countries.