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Right-wing nationalists left the Austrian parliament hall during Zelensky's speech

30 марта 2023, 09:04
Deputies of the right-nationalist Austrian Freedom Party left the parliament hall when the speech of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky began.

The Ukrainian President joined the meeting via video link. The representatives of the party did not listen to his speech and defiantly left the hall. The speech of the Ukrainian leader was also broadcast in translation on national channels.

According to the representative of the Austrian party Herbert Kickl, the deputies left the meeting, since Vladimir Zelensky's speech would have nothing to do with their opinion that the country should adhere to neutrality in this conflict.

Before the meeting, demonstrators gathered outside the parliament building, who called on the authorities to take a neutral position on the conflict in Ukraine. The demonstrators also demanded the start of negotiations on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, RIA Novosti reports.