Posted 30 марта 2023,, 05:05

Published 30 марта 2023,, 05:05

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The father of a schoolgirl who drew an anti-war poster was detained in Minsk

The father of a schoolgirl who drew an anti-war poster was detained in Minsk

30 марта 2023, 05:05
Alexey Moskalyov escaped from house arrest.

According to Forbes, referring to lawyer Dmitry Grabatov, Alexey Moskalyov was detained in Minsk. On March 28, the Yefremovsky interdistrict Court in the Tula region sentenced him to two years in a general regime colony. A similar period was requested by the prosecution. The court also decided to transfer Moskalyov's daughter Maria to the care of social services. It's worth reminding that Moskalyov is a single father.

Moskalyov was arrested because of an anti-war poster painted by his sixth-grader daughter Maria. The poster depicts a woman with a child, flags of Ukraine and Russia and flying missiles. Businessman Moskalyov was fined 32 thousand rubles for "public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation". In December, a criminal case was opened against him on discrediting the Russian army, in March he was detained.

On March 28, a court session was held at which Moskalyov was found guilty of discrediting the army and sentenced to two years in prison for five anti-war comments on the social network. He himself was not present in the courtroom. He is under house arrest until the verdict, which was pronounced in absentia, is announced. On the eve of the Network spread a letter that Maria wrote to her father, and he allegedly asked him to make it public.