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The initiative of the day: the State Duma proposed to equate teachers with civil servants

30 марта 2023, 06:38
The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova, proposed to raise the salary of teachers to the level of officials, provide them with the same benefits and social guarantees.

According to Izvestia, it is proposed to establish an average salary for teachers not lower than the average salary of a civil servant in the country, as well as to grant the right to medical care, similar to the right of a civil servant. In 2022, the average income of a teacher in the country was about 45.7 thousand rubles before taxes.

"In 2022, the average salary of a civil servant was equal to 126 thousand rubles. Both officials and teachers are all sovereign people, and they should receive the same for their work", - Lantratova said.

Before that, the Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov spoke about the development of such a document. However, Lantratova's bill is somewhat broader. The document will prescribe both benefits and the amount of teachers' salaries. The document, which is being discussed with the Ministry of Education, is, first of all, about the protection of teachers.

Experts recalled that initiatives like this have been discussed since the beginning of 2000. At the same time available. Teachers' guarantees are practically not respected. For example, the right to a creative annual leave after ten years of work is very rarely realized.