Posted 31 марта 2023,, 04:06

Published 31 марта 2023,, 04:06

Modified 31 марта 2023,, 06:48

Updated 31 марта 2023,, 06:48

Japan will stop exporting toys to Russia

Japan will stop exporting toys to Russia

31 марта 2023, 04:06
Children's bicycles and toy models are also subject to restrictions.

The message about the ban on the supply of these goods to Russia was published on the portal of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Also, Tokyo will no longer supply Russia with construction equipment, aircraft and ship engines, electronic navigation equipment. Flight radios, aircraft and spacecraft and components for them, drones, optical equipment and photographic equipment.

Export bans will come into force on April 7 this year.

It's worth reminding that in early February, Tokyo refused to export robots to Russia. At the same time, a ban was announced on the supply of Japanese vaccines and medical products to the Russian side. Since February 3, Japan has not sent Moscow equipment for nuclear facilities, oil and natural gas exploration.