Posted 31 марта 2023,, 12:46

Published 31 марта 2023,, 12:46

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Russia is called a "sovereign center of world development" in the foreign policy concept

Russia is called a "sovereign center of world development" in the foreign policy concept

31 марта 2023, 12:46
Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a new Concept of the country's foreign policy. In particular, it notes that Russia is not an enemy of the West, does not seek to isolate itself and has no hostile intentions towards Western countries.

The new concept notes that Russia "has self-determined itself as an original country-civilization, a vast Eurasian and Euro-Pacific power, a stronghold of the Russian world, one of the sovereign centers of world development." The attitude towards other states is formed on the basis of their position: constructive, neutral or unfriendly, in relation to Of Russia.

The concept expresses the hope that European countries will realize the futility of confrontation with Russia and will return to dialogue on the principles of equality.

At the same time, the United States is considered as the main source of risk to the security of the country and the world as a whole. Priority attention is planned to be given to "eliminating the rudiments of US dominance in the world".

In addition, the importance of deepening ties with India and China is noted. With regard to the Middle Eastern countries, the importance of turning the territories of these States into a region of peace, good-neighborliness and prosperity is noted.

At a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council, the Russian President noted that the document had to be adjusted based on changes in the world arena. The updated concept will be taken as a basis in the medium and long term in the field of international relations. The implementation of the concept will be coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The President instructed to expand cooperation with "constructive partners" and create conditions for unfriendly countries to abandon their hostile policies.Recall that the previous version of the concept was approved in November 2016.

It said that the world is going through great changes, the essence of which is the formation of a polycentric international system.