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The initiative of the day: the school program offers to include lessons on unmanned aviation

31 марта 2023, 06:21
The Aeronext Association has sent a corresponding letter to the Ministry of Transport.

According to Vedomosti, participants in the Russian commercial drone market are calling for adding theoretical disciplines and practical classes on unmanned aviation to the curriculum of schoolchildren in Russia.

The introduction of drones into the basic general education program will help ensure the country's personnel sovereignty in the aviation sector. According to the head of the association, Gleb Babintsev, unmanned aircraft can become part of the school curriculum in the framework of the subject "Technology". The subject should be supplemented with modules for basic knowledge in the field of aviation. It would be useful to study the types of structures and software for processing data from drones.

Currently, universities are already actively training specialists in the field of drones. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the total number of students in programs related to the production, maintenance and operation of unmanned aircraft systems is about 30 thousand people.