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The Prosecutor General's Office has recognized the Latvian "Free University" as an undesirable organization

31 марта 2023, 09:39
Such a decision was made by the agency after an inspection of the organization. According to its results, the Prosecutor General's Office concluded that this foreign non-governmental organization "imposes an ultra-liberal model of European democracy."

"It has been established that the university, located on the territory of Latvia, was founded by citizens of the Russian Federation, including those who are recognized as foreign agents in Russia", - the ministry said in a statement.

The Prosecutor General's Office found out that the teachers of this university popularize the activities of organizations that in Russia is recognized as extremist. The literature used in the classroom has a pronounced anti-Russian character. In it, "under the pretext of developing democratic institutions, the need to change the foundations of the constitutional system is actually justified", the Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement.

The department stressed that after studying at this university, students form a "persistent dislike for Russia".

The Prosecutor General's Office believes that the activities of this non-governmental organization threaten the foundations of the constitutional system, territorial integrity and security of Russia. The agency sent its decision to the Ministry of Justice in order for the organization to be included in the register of undesirable in the country.

Recall that the "Free University"* was created in 2020 by former teachers of the Higher School of Economics, with whom the university did not renew the contract for the next academic year. Among the founders of the university are Kirill Martynov** and Elena Lukyanova**, recognized as foreign agents in Russia. The university conducts free online courses. In the new semester, 80 courses have been launched on the university's website. Since the new year, the educational institution also provides paid educational services.

* - recognized as an undesirable organization in Russia** - entered in the register of individuals performing the function of a foreign agent on the territory of Russia.