Posted 31 марта 2023,, 16:52

Published 31 марта 2023,, 16:52

Modified 31 марта 2023,, 19:39

Updated 31 марта 2023,, 19:39

Traffic on the M-4 "Don" highway has been restored in the Rostov region

31 марта 2023, 16:52
Movement is carried out in both directions.

Traffic on the federal highway M-4 "Don" in the Rostov region has been fully restored, the regional traffic police department reported.

Before that, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Rostov region, Sergey Filippov, indicated that traffic on the M-04 "Don" highway to the region, where there was previously congestion due to bad weather, is now being conducted in both directions.

Earlier it was reported that people are being evacuated on another highway in the region - the Novoshakhtinsk—Gukovo highway from Novoshakhtinsk.

The congestion was formed as a result of heavy snowfall that hit the region on March 30. Heating points have been deployed for people on the highway. Railway stations were closed in the region, 76 kilometers of roads were blocked. 35 thousand residents were left without electricity. On the M-4 "Don" highway 33 buses with 766 passengers were blocked.