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The speaker of the Parliament of St. Petersburg called the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky a terrorist attack

2 апреля 2023, 17:48
The number of victims of the explosion increased to 25

The chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Alexander Belsky, said that what happened at the meeting with military commander Vladlen Tatarsky "can't be called anything but a terrorist act".

"A monstrous crime was committed in the center of St. Petersburg. Vladlen Tatarsky, a war correspondent, a man who worked on the front line, told about the heroes of a special military operation, was killed", - Belsky said in his telegram channel, "what happened today cannot be called anything but a terrorist attack. It is especially cynical that the crime was committed on the eve of the anniversary of the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro".

According to the telegram channel of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, as a result of the explosion in a cafe on the University Embankment, 25 people were injured, 19 were hospitalized.


"In connection with what happened in a cafe on Vasilievsky Island, all emergency and special services of the city are currently involved", - Beglov reported, "the city has all the necessary resources to help the victims".

Recall that in St. Petersburg on the afternoon of April 2, an explosion occurred in a cafe on Vasilievsky Island, during a meeting with war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky.

The journalist died on the spot. The Investigative Committee reports at least 19 victims. A criminal case has been opened under the article "Murder".