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1.5 million hikikomori voluntary outcasts counted in Japan

1.5 million hikikomori voluntary outcasts counted in Japan

3 апреля 2023, 12:59
Many people chose not to come out of the social isolation to which they were forced during the pandemic.

The Japanese authorities reported on the results of a survey that showed that there are now almost 1.5 million hikikomori in the country – people of working age who have chosen voluntary social isolation as their lifestyle, The Guardian reports.

He showed that 2% of people aged 15-62 years are hikikomori – people who isolate themselves from society, refuse to work and spend all or almost all of their time at home, in the care of relatives. Many admitted that they preferred being an outcast because of problems in relationships or because of dismissal from work. About a fifth of the cases – 20.6% – are related to lifestyle changes that covid brought with him.

The Japanese authorities did not impose a lockdown, as in some other countries, but people were asked not to go outside unless necessary. Some employers and universities encouraged distance work and training. Restaurants, bars and other establishments under the threat of fines were forced to cancel the sale of alcohol and reduce opening hours, which led to a decrease in people on the streets in the evening hours.

Every fifth respondent aged 15 to 39 years was in social isolation from six months to a year. More than 20% said that the reason for this was problems with interpersonal relationships, a little more than 18% named the pandemic as the reason. In people aged 40 to 64, the main reason – 44.5% of cases – was leaving work, the pandemic is to blame for 20.6%.

In some places, local authorities are trying to introduce measures that would help hermits to become part of society again. So, in Tokyo's Edogawa parish, since June, events on communication in the metaverse will be held: thanks to them, hikikomori will be able to get acquainted with people through their avatars and socialize.