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A sigh of relief or a new monster? Pros and cons of the idea of a Single motorist's account

A sigh of relief or a new monster? Pros and cons of the idea of a Single motorist's account

3 апреля 2023, 13:00
To pay for paid parking in Russia, a Single motorist's account can be introduced, from which city parking fees will be automatically deducted without fines.

The initiative to introduce such an account was announced on his channel by the leader of the New People party, Alexey Nechaev:

"Digital technologies are needed to make life easier, not to train people and control their every step. Public services and Internet banking are popular because they get rid of unnecessary problems. But the paid parking system only adds to people's headaches. The state is still accustomed to this technology through huge fines.

People are willing to pay for parking, but the system itself seems to resist this. The application often freezes and does not make payments. Hence the fines of 5 thousand rubles out of the blue. People complain about such problems regularly.

These problems are solved by automation of paid parking. Today, our faction appealed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and proposed to introduce a Single Motorist account in the country. You can automatically charge parking fees from it, and not fine people for a five-minute delay in payment.

If desired, you can automatically pay for toll roads and other expenses from this account. This is a good step forward to a smart digital state, which will seriously make life easier for motorists. "New people" for a reasonable approach to the "figure" instead of unnecessary hassle ..."

In the mentioned letter to Mishustin, the main complaints from citizens who come to the State Duma are noted:

▪️ accrual of fines for untimely paid parking, because the Parking of Russia application did not process the payment request;

▪️ the remoteness of parking meters from parking places and an inconvenient payment system for older people.

The initiators propose to solve the problem of accrual of unfair and unlawful fines as follows:

▪️ introduce a "single motorist account", from which city parking fees will be automatically deducted without fines

▪️ if the owner agrees, it is proposed to use the "motorist's account" to pay traffic fines with a discount and travel on toll federal highways.

This idea is both bright and kindThe initiative is already being vigorously discussed on social networks.

And experts evaluate it from directly opposite positions. For example, the author of the channel "Master of the Pen" in a material written specifically for the "Kremlin Madman" considers this initiative especially valuable and in demand, since it is aimed not at tightening the rules, but at making life easier:

"The issue of paid parking has been stirring the minds of motorists for many years, especially in Moscow, where the problem is most acute. The existing system regularly replenishes the treasury or other funds, where a lot of money flows from settlements made by citizens and fines collected from them, but it causes a lot of inconvenience to people, and it is not always fair to them. Failures of the mobile application, breakdowns of parking meters and the complexity of the parking payment procedure often lead to the fact that respectable and law-abiding citizens are fined, who would be happy to pay for parking their car, but stumble upon technical difficulties and the intricacy of the process. If, as the concerned deputies from among the new Duma officials suggest, we approach the problem with all state responsibility and simplicity of solution, then millions of motorists, who, by the way, are an essential part of the electorate, will breathe a sigh of relief.

It would seem that the solution to the problem lies on the surface, and it is only necessary to order from above that digitalization should face the country and the population, as a long-standing and acute socio-economic problem will disappear. Indeed, in the current situation, when different authorities are rowing money from motorists, who in what much and for parking, and for driving on toll roads, and for violating traffic rules, a mechanism for ordering payments and a single wallet suggests itself. From a Single motorist's account, to which everyone driving along the streets and roads would deposit a certain amount, as on a mobile phone or the Internet, the operator could automatically write off money for parking, and for toll sections of highways, and for speeding in violation of markings, and at the same time payers would no longer have to puzzle over mobile applications, search for parking meters and rely on memory.

Such an innovation would certainly take root in Russia, tired of the difficulties and lack of organization of any municipal or federal project related to the provision of paid services to the population. But, of course, the green light for an initiative that facilitates life on wheels is possible in the current realities only if the interests of the population and those who have commercial income from road surveillance cameras, parking meters and Internet applications are balanced.

The deputy's request to Prime Minister Mishustin expressed confidence that the purpose of the state policy towards motorists is to increase the safety and comfort of road traffic, and not to collect fines and increase the number of punishments. However, the goals of those who control the current system of fines and penalties may not be as unambiguous, and therefore the fate of the bright and kind Duma initiative is not as obvious as millions of compatriots would like..."

The next "benefactors", damn it!But the analyst of the Dvuglav channel, on the contrary, is sure that in this "bright and kind" Duma initiative there is not the slightest concern for motorists:

"Rather, it's taking care of someone's pocket. Namely, the one who will become the operator of the fund being created, in which payments from motorists from all over the country will be accumulated.

And the money is very considerable, it's pure pleasure to scroll through such a thing. Very profitable.

I, as a motorist, will have to pay in advance. Before you hit the road. And if the score is zero? Can't we go? Will I be fined? Will they stop you? Will the car be placed in a parking lot?

And if I don't violate at all and don't park in paid parking lots (well, there aren't any in my backwoods)? And if I don't agree with the fine

And a lot of "if".

And yes, it will be another monster controlling who is violating where, who is parking where, that is, who has received a lot of information about the private life of a citizen... sort of protected by the Constitution.

The next "benefactors", damn... For our money..."