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Slavs do not take care of themselves: the countries of Eastern Europe are leading in the rating of smokers

3 апреля 2023, 16:12
Europeans who lead the healthiest lifestyle live mainly in Scandinavia and the UK.

An unexpected record for many was set by residents of fraternal Belarus – they topped the European rating of smokers: on average, one citizen of this country smokes 2,432 cigarettes a year. The figures are slightly lower in Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia – where people smoke more than 2,000 cigarettes per year. No wonder there are practically no harsh anti-smoking laws in these countries. True, although these laws apply to Russia, but the situation in it is not too much different from the leaders.

But the most "healthy" countries in this sense were Scandinavian Norway and Sweden, as well as the United Kingdom. In addition to legislation, the high cost of tobacco also plays an important role there. So with the help of excise taxes, the price of one pack of cigarettes in Sweden has already reached (if we count in Russian currency) 400-500 rubles, and in Britain it is even more expensive: 900-1100 rubles.