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The government has no plans to grant the self-employed the right to a tax deduction

3 апреля 2023, 11:28
Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Russian government currently has no plans to grant the self-employed the right to a tax deduction.

"Those who pay personal income tax, tax deductions are available to them. And who doesn't pay personal income tax? These are self-employed and working under the simplified taxation system. But what are the stakes there? Given that there are absolutely minimal tax rates, we do not expect to extend the tax deductions that we have for personal income tax to these special regimes", - Siluanov explained the government's position in an interview with blogger Ksenia Paderina (quoted by Kommersant).

He also promised that Russians who invest more than 400 thousand rubles under the long-term savings program will receive the right to a tax deduction. The minister specified that the co-financing of long-term savings by the state will amount to 36 thousand rubles a year. It is planned to launch the project in the coming months.

At the end of June, deputies of the LDPR party took the initiative to extend the right to a property tax deduction for the self-employed. The authors of the draft law explained its development by the appeals of the self-employed. The document was submitted to the State Duma, but it was never adopted.